• We hand craft our tile in the central Delaware area where we are within a 500 mile radius of most of the East Coast.
  • All of the clay and glazes we use are made from plentiful, naturally occurring minerals.
  • We produce "2nd Chance", a line of tile which is >95% recycled post-consumer waste and suitable for commercial applications.
  • Our "Vitria" line is about 25% by weight recycled material (crushed, recycled glass).
Recycling at Furnace Hill
Environmentally Safe Manufacturing Practices
Sustainable practices are a necessity both for our environment and for our own small company's profitability!
Long Product Lifetime
- Ceramic tile is long lasting, and will provide an attractive, hygienic surface for decades to come. Furnace Hill's high quality tile can be a special feature in a room, inspiring preservation rather than replacement, especially when the overall installation is in keeping with the architecture of the building.
Furnace Hill Tile
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